Temporary Staffing & Labor ON DEMAND!The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance Concept

  • You can order workers anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • YES! We are open on Saturday & available on Sunday.
  • Our office opens early. We’re at work when you are, with workers standing by, ready for dispatch.
  • We can have qualified workers report to you within 1 hour of your call.
  • We dispatch our workers from our office, not their homes.
  • Our employees are pre-screened to verify experience level and physical capability. We have contacted previous employers to verify work ethics, and demonstrated skill level.
  • We provide “Workers Comp” liability Insurance for our employees while they are working for you. We pay all taxes and administrative fees.
  • We guarantee our workers.
  • Our workers are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 6am to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 10am
Sunday: as needed

When you want to hire, “Check them out first”!

  • Hiring new employees is such a hassle. We save you valuable time screening résumés and conducting interviews. Let Gem State Staffing do the recruiting and initial screening for you.
  • We will want to know exactly what your needs are, for example: experience level, appearance, and customer service skills required. This allows us to choose the most qualified worker to fit your needs.
  • When you decide to hire our employees after a short trial period, just contact our office.
  • There are no long-term contracts and no additional fees.
  • We can do pre-employment drug screenings, and DMV checks for CDL or Delivery drivers.
  • We can conduct background investigations upon request.

We can provide Payroll Services for your Company!

  • It takes 5 minutes to set up your employee on our payroll!
  • We pay all employer taxes.
    • Federal Taxes
    • State Taxes
    • Social Security Taxes
    • Medicare Taxes
    • Unemployment Taxes
  • We provide “Workman’s Compensation” Liability Insurance for your employees.
  • We issue W2’s and can provide any report you may need for your records, at no cost.