Food Production Specialist 1/20/2020 Return

Gem State Staffing is now hiring hard working and reliable people to fill our many open positions and shifts at a Onion & Pepper processing plant.

Food Production Specialist


Job Summary

Employee is responsible to work in the general duties of production including trimming onion tops, tails, and peels, inspecting onions and peppers for defects and removing defects and/or placing onions in pockets of topper/tailer machines in a safe and efficient manner

Reasonable Accommodation

Essential duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of the job can be performed with or without reasonable accommodation and without posing a direct threat to him/herself or others.

Duties & Responsibilities


~Cut tops, tails, and peels off of onions that come out of the machine and are not sufficiently clean

~Cut only unusable part of onions off of onion

~Re-circulate onions through the re-peeler machine

~Place onions in pockets along moving belt on the topper/tailer machine at or better than standard

~Inspect and discard any brown, clumpy, green, or otherwise unusable onion pieces

~Only discard bad product and keep good product waste to a minimum

~Recover any good product from the trash belt

~Complete light sanitation duties (wash buckets, pick up onions off of floor, clean belts, etc. ) as directed by floor lead

~Follow all GMP standards and safety standards while performing job duties

~Rotate through positions or stay in positions according to Floor Lead’s discretion

~Maintain good personal hygiene, follow GMP’s and keep a clean, safe and sanitary work place. Immediately report any situation that may cause product to be contaminated.



Complete special projects as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities


Knowledge of food industry regulations, understands and is compliant with GMP standards

Able to perform the essential duties and responsibilities with efficiency and accuracy

Able to travel to all areas of the plant efficiently, including climbing stairs

Must be able to work effectively and safely in a wet and hot/cold environment

Able to stand for long periods of time

Able to lift up to 25 lbs.

Wage: $10.50 – $12.00/hr DOE